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Changzhou TC Motor Technology Co.,Ltd. is affiliated to Jiangsu Tiancheng Group. It was established by Tiancheng Group in February 2012. It mainly produces motors and motor accessories. Has many years of production and scientific research experience in the motor industry.

TC Electric Motor is a world-class supplier of top-quality industrial DC and AC motors. As pioneers in the industry, we are an experienced and established manufacturer of a comprehensive and cost-effective range of highly-reliable drive products.

Because of this, our products are used around the globe in some of the toughest application environments across all industrial segments.

Our company relies on the strategic cooperation between Tiancheng Group and German companies to develop and manufacture brushless motors, brushless DC motors, DC servo motors,brushless motor rivers, DC brushless motor drivers, DC servo motor drivers,brushless motor controllers, DC Brush motor controller, DC servo motor controller,realize the combination of brushless motor, DC brushless motor, DC servo motor and brushless motor controller, DC brushless motor controller, DC servo motor controller, PM Stepper Motor, PM Gear Motor, PM Linear Stepper Motor, Mini DC Motor, DC Gear Motor, Motor housing, Motor case.

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