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food waste disposer motor housingBenefits Attributesfood waste disposer motor housingprecision cold steel tubing73.1*65.8*56.6Adjustable sweep range.QC/T268-1999GB/T13196-2006...

Food waste disposer motor housing

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No matter how big or how small, our professionally trained and experienced team will help you find the right Electric Motor or rotating equipment that is right for your needs.

food waste disposer motor housing

food waste disposer Motor housing

Benefits Attributes

food waste disposer motor housing
precision cold steel tubing
Adjustable sweep range.

Company Information

China TC Motor focused on difficult stamping and deep-drawn technologies. The main products are DC Motor and  housings, motor covers, motor shells, motor lids, motor cases, metal rings, bracket, metal box, motor cans, stampings, punchings, pressings and difficulty custom deep drawn stamping products.

China TC Motor Manufacturing services food, aviation, medical, automotive, electronics, aerospace industries, and many more with custom and  standard ZERO style deep drawn metal parts, boxes, cases, cups,caps, canisters, instrument housings and shells.

As the premier choice of Metal stamping companies, China TC Motor Metal stamping is able to offer low pricing for custom metal stampings because we buy our raw material mill direct – eliminating the middleman.

We supply a cost-driven solution to your custom stainless stamping applications. Our commitment to superiority and vast expertise in metal stamping operations delivers supreme cost savings to you, our customer. China TC Motor Metal Stamping provides the most cost-effective pricing for your custom metal stampings requirements.

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At China TC Motor company, maintaining close tolerances in the manufacture of stamped motor housing parts is the direct result of our close attention to quality control. In fact, for T.I.R. values governing our motor housings’ perpendicularity to their mounting & assembly flanges, China TC Motor is capable of manufacturing stamped motor housings that hold concentricities between 0.01-0.1mm. This focus on close tolerances also covers bearings. By holding bearing pockets to a 0.01mm total diameter tolerance, China TC Motor is able to minimize bearing pound-out, with a resulting extension of bearing life.

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Food waste disposer motor housing
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