Motor case hydraulic testFirst, the scope of application of the motor shell hydraulic test detector:The motor shell hydraulic test detector can perform explosion-proof surgical hyd...

Motor case hydraulic test

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Motor case hydraulic test

First, the scope of application of the motor shell hydraulic test detector:

The motor shell hydraulic test detector can perform explosion-proof surgical hydraulic test, according to 15.1.2. Static pressure test in GB3836[1].2-2000 Electrical equipment for explosive gas environments_Part 2, press The pressure is 1-1.5Mpa, and the pressure is automatically released after the set time reaches the time. The maximum tonnage of the clamping force is 200T. It is widely used in the hydraulic test of various explosion-proof electrical enclosures, explosion-proof switches, frequency converters, and soft-start switches.

Second,Equipment composition of motor shell hydraulic test detector

  • 1. The pressing device of the hydraulic testing machine adopts a large-flow booster pump to press. The pressure is 1Mpa, which can be adjusted arbitrarily.

  • 2. The pressing device is automatically pressed by the hydraulic station. The highest tonnage reaches the pressure of 200T.

  • 3. Cart conveying device. The tested explosion-proof enclosure can be moved freely on the cart.

  • 4. Water filling device, fast and large flow water filling.

Third, the characteristics of the motor shell hydraulic test detector

SUP_WK_30, SUP_WK_50, SUP_WK_100, SUP_WK_150.SUP_WK_200, (Note: the numbers behind represent the pressure value) The basic principle is that the high-pressure hydraulic station provides clamping power to clamp the test piece, and then the hydraulic testing machine provides hydraulic pressure, and the performance parameter test pressure 0~1.5MPa (pressure optional) 2% of the upper limit of the pressure control accuracy test pressure value, -1% of the lower limit pressure value resolution 0.1MPa Pressure sensor test pressure sampling frequency 1 second Test medium water pressure control mode Hydraulic drive operation mode Manual Control, computer control test standard time control automatic pressure maintenance, automatic pressure relief after the test sample installation method High pressure water jacket, automatic lifting, no need for manpower Hydrostatic test of explosion-proof electrical enclosure

Shell Hydraulic Testing Machine (SUPC Pressure Testing Machine)

1. The scope of application of SUPC pressure tester:

Shell hydraulic testing machine (SUPC pressure testing machine) is used to test submersible pumps, pump shells, casting shell pumps, forging pump bodies, sealed casting bodies, water pumps, casting pump bodies, casting bodies, machining shell bodies and other pumps Body and shell water pressure testing, water pressure tightness, water pressure strength testing items;

The pressure range is 0~10mpa. The system is divided into two parts, one part is the pressure console and the other part is the tightening system of the shell, which can be used for rapid tightening and sealing of the shell; the medium is liquid, which can be controlled by manual buttons and computer control. It is equipped with a rapid tightening and sealing device for the shell, which can be carried out at the same time by multi-station testing. The equipment is equipped with Simint (Jinan) data processing software, which can display the pressure curve on the computer, record the data of the entire test process, and print the report. It is used to test the shell, shell water pressure burst strength and water pressure resistance test, and can effectively analyze and judge the quality of casting body and casting shell.

2. Basic parameters of SUPC test press

  • Pressure range: 0~2Mpa adjustable

  • Control method: manual button semi-automatic control

  • Test medium: liquid water

  • Through the range: 190~485mm

  • Tightening tonnage: 50T adjustable (for different test products, the tightening force is also different)

  • Tightening method: hydraulic cylinder top pressure clamping

  • The sealing method is: section sealing flange

Specific operation steps:

  1. Connect the power supply, the water tank is filled with liquid,

  2. Place the test product in the test position.

  3. The manual button tightens the casing seal,

  4. Internal water injection, after the water injection is completed, press the manual button,

  5. When the pressure is reached, it will automatically stop, and the pressure will be kept

  6. After the timing is completed, manually release the pressure, remove the test product, and enter the working state of the next product.

Hydraulic Testing Machine for Motor Housing - Pressure Detection

1. Product overview of the motor shell hydraulic testing machine

Motor shell hydraulic testing machine - pressure detection test pressure is 0-2MPa, medium is clear water, built-in high-pressure pump, realizes automatic control of pressure and realizes pressure shutdown, pressure maintenance timing, automatic pressure relief/manual relief after timing Hydraulic testing machine for motor casings is used to test the motor casing, the motor end cover casing, the casing The water pressure strength test, water pressure tightness test, and water pressure resistance test have truly achieved the effect of one machine with multiple uses. It can automatically print pressure curves and pressure data, and can output test reports and test records of travel standards.

Second, the main technical parameters of the motor shell hydraulic testing machine equipment

  • 1. Test pressure: 0-2MPa, other special shell test high pressure can be communicated in advance;

  • 2. Test medium: water or customer agreed medium

  • 3. Test time: 0-9999H adjustable

  • 4. Driving pressure: 5-8bar

  • 5. Test station: 1 station or multiple stations

  • 6. Pressure accuracy: 0.5%F.S

  • 7. Control pressure accuracy: 1%F.S

  • 8. Use ambient temperature: normal temperature

  • 9. Control mode: manual/computer control

3. Technical parameters of motor shell hydraulic testing machine:

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