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On May 14th, our company hired Taizhou Rentai Hospital, which has medical examination qualifications, to carry out a comprehensive occupational health examination for our front-lin...

Caring for the health of employees and carrying out in-depth occupational health examinations

06-04 16:463469
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On May 14th, our company hired Taizhou Rentai Hospital, which has medical examination qualifications, to carry out a comprehensive occupational health examination for our front-line employees this year.

In order to carry out the occupational health examination smoothly, the general management department has done a lot of preliminary work in terms of physical examination planning, population statistics, information acquisition, and time coordination, which has created favorable conditions for the follow-up employee physical examination.

A total of 112 employees participated in the physical examination. In order not to affect their normal work, the physical examination started at 6:00 in the morning. The physical examination items involved internal medicine, surgery, ENT, ophthalmology, blood routine, urine routine, B-ultrasound (liver, Gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, etc., the whole physical examination process is simple, convenient, orderly, and highly humanized. The service attitude of the chief examination doctor has also been well received by the staff.

       Carrying out occupational disease examinations truly reflects the company's "people-oriented" corporate culture of caring about the health of employees. It is the in-depth implementation of the "Occupational Disease Prevention Law" and the importance of improving the prevention and control of employees' occupational diseases. It is also the company's performance of safety management duties in accordance with the law. Guarantee and effectively protect the health rights and interests of workers. At the same time, it is also better to take care of employees' lives and physical and mental health as an important part of building harmony. Through health examinations, we can effectively grasp the physical health of employees in their own work in real time, so as to achieve "early prevention, early detection, and early diagnosis." , early treatment" principle, so that effective preventive and control measures can be taken immediately.

Passing the occupational health examination not only sent the care and warmth of the enterprise to the employees, but also fully reflected the standardized management concept of Jiangsu Tiancheng occupational health, so it was well received by the employees, which better stimulated the enthusiasm of the employees and enhanced the Improve the cohesion of the company, let every employee meet new challenges with higher enthusiasm, and actively devote themselves to their own positions with a healthy body and mentality. The body will surely have a better tomorrow for all of us.

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